Delicious Marriage of Ska and Brash: Skankin’ Dirty Imperial IPA

Bomber Friday: Skankin’ Dirty
It’s Friday, so grab your favorite six-pack on the way home from work or enjoy a new beer. Bombers are 22 fl oz bottles of beer that often contain a brewery’s elite or unique concoction. Like a good bottle of wine, they are great for sharing and sipping :) Stay tuned for periodic blasts of bomber Fridays.

 photo 11428ba7-88fe-4795-81b7-855d0dfad5a8_zps87cf191a.jpg

Ska Brewing (Durango, CO) and Brash Brewing (Ipswich, MA) collaborated to bring you Skankin’ Dirty, an imperial IPA. This IPA was very well balanced. It had a slightly sweet aroma, followed by an explosion of hops with only slight bitterness and then a very clean finish that left the mouth with a very pleasant flavor and feel :D

Skankin’ Dirty is a medium bodied beer that comes in at 9% ABV. It pours a hazy, golden color with a creamy head.

Suggested Food Pairings: Indian food, grilled beef and lamb, stews

 photo 5aed8d8d-ed2f-48ad-9042-6aeaf7334066_zps61ce5969.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~RadioTorn by Kalt

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18 responses to “Delicious Marriage of Ska and Brash: Skankin’ Dirty Imperial IPA

  1. Merry Christmas Lilly!!! :) I’ve finally found some time to stop by these lovely blogs which I have been missing in the past months. How have you been? :) ….danny

  2. now that’s a crazy bottle! So glad you’re willing to do all of the “research” for your readers. Thanks and Happy Christmas to you and yours :-)

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